Is Organic Coffee Good for the Environment?

Are you in the Washington D.C. area and need a new coffee brand? Then look no further than Orgaanika! Orgaanika sells organic coffee that will fit best with your morning. We offer a variety of options in an effort to cater to all coffee drinkers. When you buy a bag of our coffee beans, you are not only purchasing organic coffee that is better for you but coffee that is also better for the environment. We take pride in how we grow our coffee, and our customers can taste the difference. Read on to learn how organic coffee can make a positive impact on the environment, and visit Orgaanika to order online now!

Organic Farms Eliminate Pesticides

Organic coffee is a growing industry because customers are more conscious of the effects their favorite products have on the environment. That being said, organic coffee farms are great for the environment and a great alternative to mass-produced coffee that relies on chemicals, like pesticides, to grow. Using pesticides harms the farmers, the local water, the soil, and the people consuming products covered with pesticides.

Does Not Impact Local Water Quality

Using chemicals on crops can be dangerous to the environment and can negatively affect the local water quality due to run-off. Pesticides in run-off can find their way into groundwater or surface water systems that feed the drinking water supply. On the other hand, organic coffee farms do not use harmful pesticides that may contaminate local water supplies.

Better for the Farmers to Work Around

Farming chemicals like pesticides can cause short-term adverse health effects as well as chronic adverse effects. Those who constantly work around toxic farming chemicals may experience side-effects themselves, and may also carry toxins home on their clothing to their families. Organic farms eliminate the number of toxic exposures that farmers may encounter on a daily basis.

Healthier for Customers Who Drink It

Non-organic coffee may be treated with toxic chemicals and ingredients, making organic coffee safer for the consumer. Organic coffee aiso contains higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals since it is not treated and grown with chemicals like non-organic coffee.

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