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Organic coffee ground, medium

The coffee is great! Not bitter. My Family enjoyed every cup.

Great Taste

We enjoyed every bite of this coffee it was amazing and very healthy. Just the perfect brew for the morning beverage and the kick that it gives to get the day started for the whole day.

Bold and Smooth

Espresso Organic Coffee's fine ground is a rich and robust blend that delivers a bold and smooth flavor profile. Highly recommended.

Natural and Delicious Coffee

This Cusco Organic Coffee in medium roast is very smooth and delicious. I love that the coffee comes in organic whole beans and I can grind them to accommodate
the type of coffee I am brewing. If I used my expresso machine, I grind the beans in a finer, and when I used my French press coffee maker I would grind my coffee beans a little thicker.
The Cusco Organic Coffee always provided a delicious cup of coffee, and it made me feel good enjoying every sip.

Very good

Nice smooth wonderfully rich

Great organic coffee

Delicious, strong and rich coffee.
Smell really good .I love it.

Coffee beans

Your product was excellent. I will buy it again.

Absolutely delicious

We are a coffee drinking family and we love to try different brands but, this one was so smooth and rich in flavor! Even my 14 year old loved it!

Great taste

The coffee was great. It has a nice mild taste. Not to strong just right for me. Thanks for the free sample.


This is what real coffee should taste like. I was impressed by the quality. I wish I had more coffee.

Free Sample

Great taste, not too strong, not bitter, perfect medium roast.


This single origin coffee was absolutely delicious! Very smooth. Great taste. Highly recommend!

Whole bean coffee

I received a bag of the whole bean coffee as a free sample and I was pleasantly surprised. Good flavor wasn’t weak at all. I would recommend


Smooth taste. Packs just the right amount of punch to wake me up without a bitter aftertaste. Wonderful aroma that fills the whole house. Looking forward to ordering more once I finish my bag. Cheers!

Good coffee!

A pleasant surprise, fine espresso coffee from Peru! Try it, I think you will enjoy it.

I woke up

After this past Winter, I needed a change. Villa Rica provided it. Their coffee was wonderful, I recommend it because of the unique taste.

Bold full flavor

I found this to be bold and full of flavor with a hint of chocolaty flavor.

Great Taste

I do not like strong coffee and this made the perfect cup. It is a great medium roast with no bitterness. I would definitely by again.

Great Coffee

This coffee is amazing! It's very rich in flavor and has a great aroma too. I've been looking for an organic coffee so this was perfect for me. Definitely will continue to use this in the future!

Strong and rich

I thought it was very strong and rich blend. I really enjoyed every cup and I'll definitely be ordering more to share with my friends and family.


Very smooth and rich flavor. Enjoyed the smell while drinking. No sugar or cream needed

Yummy Taste

This coffee is very delicious. It has a smooth rich flavor that I enjoy very much. It tastes great both hot and cold. I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

Great Mellow Coffee

This coffee has a smooth and mellow taste. I enjoyed it!


Loved it

Villa Rica Organic Coffee - Medium Ground coffee was very delicious and smooth and rich flavored tasting coffee. I truly enjoyed it.