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This coffee is the best I’ve had, smooth and creamy and tastes amazing

We love a good Peruvian coffee

Awesome Coffee

It is the perfect way to enjoy the coffee the taste and the aroma and most importantly the flavor of the coffee is what I love most about this coffee. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with me and I love the coffee.

Delicious espresso

The espresso was delicious. Very strong and bold flavor.

Tasty and safe for sensitive stomach

I really enjoy this coffee! It has a light taste and smells great. I also don’t experience any discomfort after drinking it, which is something I’ve had issues with when drinking other brands. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a sensitive stomach.

Very smooth!

Great coffee! No bitterness, extremely smooth.

Great coffee!!

Smells great and it tasted even better!!

Great flavor!

I love the taste of this coffee! It's very bold, which I like and has so much good flavor. I highly recommend it!


Very good, rich taste. Reminds me of my trip Peru. Perfect.


This coffee is smooth, bold, and flavorful. Never bitter. Our household thoroughly enjoys drinking it in the mornings. Thank you, Orgaanika for our sample!

Amazing esspresso coffee


Incredibly smooth and full of taste!

Delicious coffee

I love this coffee it has so much flavor it’s not harsh it’s full bodied and the taste is like no other I’ve had this coffee is so good


Thanks for the complementary pack of Peru espresso coffee. It's aromatic and smooth.

Great taste

I enjoy this blend! I love drinking it with no creamers and milk and it’s the best part of my mornings.

Good coffee

Coffee has a smooth taste no acidic after bite I would buy again

Delicious Coffee

We loved the coffee ! The taste is wonderful. Perfect taste. You would love this coffee. I love that it is organic too.


Love the aroma, it's a must love for a fresh cup of coffee. The taste is something else awesome. Love it

My new favorite coffee

The aroma of this coffee is amazing! I love how fresh this coffee taste and how strong it is as well. This coffee is not bitter. The perfect coffee to start my day!

Delicious coffee

The flavor was not so strong which was great and very aromatic. I love that it is organic. I just added a bit of milk and it was good.


Great tasting coffee! Smooth and not bitter, but strong. Definitely woke me right up (and got the bowels moving with a quickness)

Smells amazing when brewing

The smells of roasted coffee and caramel while it brews is only the opening act. The taste is so rich and bold. The hints of caramel adds just a little sweetness to the brew. I loved this blend .

I had a great taste and I enjoyed it

I was amazing, I enjoyed it very much aahd a great taste to I and I highly recommend it. It was the best I have ever tasted

Cusco Organic Coffee – Medium Ground

This coffee was surprisingly good. My husband even liked it and I really had to work on him to get him to load the coffee pot for the following morning's coffee. I would purchase this coffee in the future for sure~

Great Coffee!

I am giving this coffee 5 stars. It was great! I enjoyed the taste and it wasnt too strong the flavor and the strength of the coffee was jst right this coffee really is good!